Where to Find Cheap Reliable Web Hosting

If your budget is limited but you want to host your website on a reliable web hosting account, here are some affordable and robust options to consider.

For UK and EU website owners, it has long been a fact that the less expensive web hosts tend to be in the United States. With a favourable exchange rate making the dollars you spend more attractive when converted into pounds, you can easily find high quality webhosting for less than a fiver a month and often much lower.

The Cheapest Not Necessarily the Best Value

Of course you have to be a little careful where you place your precious website, because there are also plenty of hosts set up in the Far East that are even cheaper but not always quite so reliable as their American counterparts. It all depends on what you intend your website will be used for.

If it is merely a backup or satellite site that is not intended to rank in Google for any searches and so not expected to attract much if any traffic, the cheapest hosts are often a good choice. This is especially the case if you have many sites in this category that you need to spread around the place.

Why would you do that? Those engaged in SEP practices would do this in setting up a private website network intended to provide backlinks to a central monetised site. More on this in a separate article on search engine optimisation (SEO).

However, if your site is expected to attract visitors and generate some income, then you need to house it on a better quality host.

Why is Hosting Cheaper in the US than in the UK?

Not all hosting is cheaper in the United States, but certainly the medium to high end providers seem to be able to offer better deals than their UK counterparts. Here's why:

It all comes down to a case of supply and demand. There is huge demand in the US for webhosts and the more prominent ones have huge numbers of customers as well as a lot of competition.

We all know that competition can drive down prices when the demand for a product or service is high. So US companies advertise lower prices to attract more customers.

Another factor is the ugly spectre of tax. US tax is lower than in the EU or UK plus those of us on this side of the pond get whacked with the additional cost of VAT, pushing the price of UK/EU webhosting higher still.

Which are the Best Hosting Options?

Personally, I use several different hosting accounts for a number of websites but the four that regularly come out tops for me in terms of reliability for the price are:

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