Web Design Tips for Email Marketing Using The Best Autoresponders

Email marketing using the best autoresponders is undoubtedly one of the best ways to drive traffic into a website. That's why many clients are asking for their website designers to make a design that are applicable to emails too.

Unfortunately, web designers are usually limited when it comes to designing HTML emails for email marketing. This is because they are usually confined to designing websites that are within the capabilities and constraints of browsers.

Email Marketing

Whether web design professionals like to put together HTML emails or not, they cannot discount the fact that email marketing will greatly benefit the websites of their clients. The challenge in doing so is that website designing is very different from email designing.

You have to take into consideration the very nature of the email itself where the screen space of the finished product is much smaller from a regular website. The time that the reader explores their mail is also shorter as compared to when they are surfing through a site. Having this in mind, you then need to make the designs that will fit in a tiny preview pane or email page and at the same time be able to catch the interest of the reader with a good design.

When you are a web designer who needs to create emails for an autoresponder sequence, you will have to spend most of your time in making the creation of the email as something that is easier to read and more importantly act on. Some of the things you can do to achieve this is to use real headings, highlight the important content of the mail and adjust the line height. You also have to make a well-formatted copy of the email and one that is easy to scan which is actually quite hard to do when using plain text.

That doesn't mean however that you should do away with giving out plain text as an option for version. There are some people who would still prefer using the plain text version as compared to the browser display version or the HTML version. To deal with this and make the solution simple, you can send emails using a highly rated autoresponder in multipart format. A multipart format involves text+html. Designers can also suggest to their clients the linking of a webpage to the email so that the readers can experience the full version.

It is also important to format the e-mail in such a way that it facilitates the extension of the branding or design element of the site. This will draw the visual connection of the brand to the reader's mind.

When you do so, the readers can easily be reminded of who sent the mail and could therefore make branding with website design more efficient. It's also one way of reducing the reports for spam since the client will remember easily subscribing to your list if you have synonymous design from your website to your email.

Keep these simple tips in mind when asking your web designers to devise your email for you and see a rewarding result in your email marketing using the best autoresponders efforts!