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Web design and development:

Graphics: Web: Templates

If you are getting on the internet and want to start your own Internet Business, you will need to get a website designed unless you are a great web designer yourself. But most people aren't true web designers with a solid graphics background and experienced in layout and design. Savvy web designers caught onto this and did the work for you and sell you what are called.

Website Templates have all the complex coding done for you. The graphics are all in place and so is the layout and design. All you would need to do is edit the text portion with your unique information, upload it and presto, you have an instant business at your finger tips. The domain name of the site 4 Templates I feel was created with a shortage of planning.

I say this because now they have a lot more than just 4 templates available. In fact they have six templates available right on their front page. And looking through the six categories of templates they have displayed on their website I noticed they sell just about 200 of them. They are all priced individually and I didn't see any packages available here, so it made the domain name a bit confusing.

However, the site is very easy to browse and view each template before you decide to purchase one. They have templates under $20.00 for the budget conscious. They also offer full flash and xhtml templates and premium templates for those who are looking for something a bit fancier. However all the ones I saw at first glance, which were about 50 of them were all under $30.00.

I endorse the concept of website templates personally because it can be very expensive to get a designer to create one for you from scratch. In fact it's not uncommon for a web designer to charge $1,000 to $3,000 for a basic website. And these templates seem to cover a lot of niches so there's no reason you can't start with one of these. If you Google 4 templates you will be able to find the site easily.

Web Compensation

Of course, web designers and website owners don't work hard on their creations for the sheer love of it, although it may sometimes seem that way. They do it to get paid! In fact, web design and build is a potentially lucrative way of making a living, especially as more and more businesses are seeing the need for an online presence.

There is plenty to learn about the monetary side of the business, but there are many excellent resources available to help you to do that. For more information on web compensation and earning a living from web based skills, please visit: