Code of Conduct


1.1. The British Web Design & Marketing Association endeavours to raise industry standards for the benefit of members and buyers of related services. As a key instrument of achieving this goal, corporate members undertake to abide by the association rules and code of conduct as a condition of membership.

1.2. In recognition of the individual characteristic diversity of independent companies that constitute the membership, this code is not intended to be comprehensive.

Business Conduct - Fair Dealings

2.1. Member companies should make every endeavour to ensure that their business conducts its affairs in a professional manner and in so doing, avoid behaviour that could bring the BWDMA and its membership into disrepute.

2.2. Members should conduct their business affairs on sound, ethical principles and make every endeavour to trade fairly and honestly with employees, clients and suppliers.

Decency and Lawfulness

3.1. All members (in all classes of membership) will ensure that marketing collateral (digital or printed matter) for their business or person is produced in accordance with the following criteria:

Business Conduct - Dispute Resolution

4.1. Should the Association receive a complaint from a trade buyer or consumer regarding any aspect of a purchase (or intended purchase) of goods or service from a member company:-

4.2. Members accept that the Association will endeavour to bring about a reasonable resolution between both parties with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

4.3. Members agree to co-operate fully with the Association and to provide honest disclosure of relevant information that would assist with reaching a settlement. (In cases where the member company has instructed solicitors, then the Association will not intervene unless the member company so wishes).

Association Participation

5.1. Whist members' individual commitments may vary, all members should endeavour to make some contribution (during the course of each year) through active participation in development issues of the Association.

5.2. Member companies should promote the activities and events of the Association to attract increased attendance at such functions.

5.3. Member companies should encourage suitable candidates (companies or individuals) to apply for membership.

5.4. Member companies may not, (under any circumstances) purport to represent, speak on behalf of or otherwise act as a representative of the BWDMA, unless specifically authorised in writing or by the written definition of a role within an authorised working group.

Business Representation

6.1. Member companies should strive to ensure that their marketing communications to potential clients are clear and unambiguous.

6.2. Member companies should not knowingly make misleading statements (verbally or written) concerning the definition of their deliverable services or the benefits that clients may derive from them.

6.3. As a fundamental issue of best practice, member companies should clearly identify quantifiable services related to actual prices, within a written quotation for all work.

The conditions of the above code of professional conduct are subject to periodic reappraisal by a BWDMA working group and may therefore change from time to time.