About Us

Welcome to British Web Design and Marketing Association.


The BWDMA is a "broad church", inclusive organisation, open to all companies and individuals that have an interest in the new media sector. BWDMA is influence-driven rather than membership-driven.

The Association seeks to improve e-business standards through sharing knowledge, understanding and proliferation of best practice. To further its aims and objectives, the association actively solicits constructive relationships with industry, government, academia and other such bodies, as may have common goals or purpose.

Business And The Digital Economy

The Association seeks to assist all industries with the adoption and application of Internet and related technologies to encourage development in the digital economy. The BWDMA endeavours to provide a gateway for businesses to purchase with confidence from reputable suppliers through the free procurement service Web Project Guide.


The Association proactively operates a programme of Industry Collaboration with reputable trade bodies in the digital economy. Additionally, we actively supports the development of associations, network organisations and community groups that share our values. This reflects a genuine commitment to knowledge sharing. For details of these activities please click here.

Law Enforcement The Association has established an effective working relationship with the National High tech Crime Unit and collaborate to support the both nhtcu and BWDMA initiatives for Cyber Crime issues.

Business and Government

The Association is an active participant in the Digital Content Forum (a DTi partnership with industry initiative). DCF provides a platform to exert an influence and also capitalise upon cross pollination and collaboration opportunities with other trade organisations.

Business Class Members

To support the Web Project Guide service, Business Class Members are committed to our code of conduct for fair-trading and have passed our evaluation process and in the case of Certified Corporate Memberships have been subject to the scrutiny of five references obtained from their clients.

Personal Members

From a broad spectrum of society including all areas of new media, students, entrepreneurs and people interested in our industry sector also agree to abide by a code of conduct.

Global Presence

BWDMA is outward looking and collaborates with overseas organisations and companies that can assist with realisation of our aims and objectives to promote British Industry abroad.

Education Training And Skills

BWDMA is committed to the creation collaborative initiatives with academia and industry to promote the higher standards of learning and attract talent to the sector.

Source And Application Of Funds

Income is generated from private funding, subscription fees, corporate sponsorship, advertising, and event management.

Income is applied to administration, and organisation supporting the provision of a professional service to members and buyers of new media services.

The Association does not earn commissions upon recommended services from Members Value Alliance Partners unless specifically stated; the beneficial value of such commissions is passed directly to members by way of reduced price for services that members may purchase from Alliance Partners. Training services from the alliance partner Skills Pride generates revenue, part of which is retained by the Association with the remainder committed to subsidising member training costs.

Principles receive no direct or indirect financial or benefit in kind from the Association; they donate their time on a voluntary basis. No expenditure has been committed to PR, as the Association prefers to win recognition through industry initiatives.